Property in Spain
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Buying, selling, renting residential and commercial real estate on the Costa Blanca. Spanish real estate agency (working since 2012). Representative in Kiev. Full organizational and legal support of our clients. Assistance in finding real estate, paperwork, opening a bank account in Spain and the implementation of financial calculations.

The procedure for purchasing property in Spain

1. Selecting a property in Spain (usually 3-4 days to view real estate options)
2. Signing a preliminary contract reserve of the property with the seller and making a deposit (usually 3 thousand euros). Usually, the term for preparing a transaction is three months from the date of signing the reserve agreement.
3. Examination and preparation of all documents .
4. Getting the NIE – the identification number of the alien.
5. Opening an account in a Spanish bank and accumulating the necessary amount on the account to purchase real estate.
6. If necessary – preparation and submission of documents for a mortgage to a Spanish bank.
7. Making a deal at the notary.
8. Register a transaction in the inventory. After that, the buyer is considered the legal owner of the acquired property.
9. Renewal of public service contracts of the acquired property to the new owner.

We strongly recommend all legal actions and operations related to the preparation of documents, opening a bank account and financing the transaction with the support of qualified lawyers and specialists. Our agency has been operating in Spain since 2012 and has extensive experience in the implementation and execution of real estate purchase and sale transactions. All documents before the transaction are thoroughly examined by Spanish lawyers. All legal procedures are notarized. Cash payments in the implementation of the transaction are carried out by cashless transfer (bank check in the presence of a notary). We guarantee the reliability of all transactions that we accompany.

Mortgage loan

Spanish banks can provide up to 40% funds required for home purchase on credit for up to 25 years at a rate of 4-5% per annum , with This collateral is purchased property. The use of bank financing forms a legal source, and allows you to accumulate the necessary funds for the purchase of real estate in the shortest possible time.

Documents to submit to the bank when making a mortgage loan:
1. Income Declaration for the previous year.
2. Salary certificate for the last 6 months.
3. Help from the credit bureau about the credit history in Ukraine.
4. Bank statement in Ukraine.
5. Copy of travel passport .
6. Additionally, you can provide documents confirming your solvency , for example, obtaining a stable passive income, ownership of real estate in Ukraine, etc.

Our agency provides support to property buyers in all matters related to the financing of the transaction, mortgage processing and banking services.

Rental and property management

If the property is not to be used for permanent residence, there is the possibility of renting it out on a seasonal lease, or for a long term. This will ensure the financing of mortgages, current utility costs, as well as receive income from real estate. Spain – the most visited European resort, rental properties on the coast of the sea are in steady demand throughout the year. Rental income from investing in Spanish real estate on the coast is up to 7% per annum , so it makes sense to consider investing in Spanish real estate as an investment to get passive income. Our agency can manage your property, including helping you rent it.

Residence and Support in Spain

Property owners in Spain can get a view of a temporary or permanent residence in Spain. We can provide expert advice to our clients in the preparation and filing of necessary documents, as well as passing legal procedures related to the design of the Spanish residence.

Also, we can provide support to our clients in other matters related to the residence and maintenance of real estate in Spain: repair and construction; notarial and legal procedures; issues of residence and tax declaration; registration of a tourist property license (for short-term rent); vehicle registration, insurance, key storage, etc.

Spain is a hospitable country, whose citizens are friendly to foreigners. Real estate in Spain will allow you to feel at home in this beautiful country.